3DFins GoHard/Monster Thruster Set

3DFins GoHard/Monster Thruster Set

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Brand™ - 3DFINS...

Type - FCS Base...

Style - Thruster...

Design - Dimple Technology™

Image - Go Hard Monster

Low production waste. 
Sustainable packaging. 


Description - Surfboard fins feature the 3D Dimple Technology™: surface reduces drag and it improves lift. This scientific innovation allows surfers to ride with better control and with MORE SPEED MORE DRIVE™. 


UV protected original artwork, using our unique art application process. 

ZGLASS is a secret recipe of fiberglass and a marine-grade polymer.

The high fiberglass content creates a light but super strong fin. 

Affordable technology with premium construction, ZGLASS creates a stiff flex pattern with unparalleled snap-back memory.