3DFINS GoHard/Mouthy Thruster Set

3DFINS GoHard/Mouthy Thruster Set


Brand™  3DFINS...

Base - 4.37" - 110mm...

Height - 4.55" - 115mm...

Foil - Flat inside foil...

Outside edge - Dimple Technology... 

Boards - High-Performance shortboards, Funboards, Soft boards, Surf school boards, any boards...

Waves - Small to medium...

Thruster box set Mouthy...

Fits FCS boxes


Description - The 3DFINS Dimple Fin design with Dimples located on the fins curved surfaces, utilizes the turbulent flow created by the Dimples, this turbulent flow draws the fluid back over the foil surface, reducing cavitation and drag during extreme changes of direction (high angles of attack) or when subject to high speeds. The improved performance of a foil with Dimples allows the surfer to increase the lift which in turn creates more drive, allows the surfer to maintain speed and hold through turns, overall increasing the performance of the Surfboard.


Thruster Set 

This legendary all-rounder template that has been proven in all sizes of surf, from your average beach breaks pumping pipeline and maxing Teahupoo.  


Not too upright and not too much rake, perfect tight radius turns and drawn out carves.  


Dimples give the fins extra hold and release with Bursts of speed down the line. 

Low production waste. 
Sustainable packaging. 

3DFINS GOHARD series feature the incredible, world renown, patented Dimple Technology. 

3DFINS Patented Dimple technology is a World Tour proven innovation with 3 Pipeline podiums, 3 World champions, and one WSL BIG WAVE tour win. 

The Dimples have proven to reduce drag, increase Drive (lift) and improve overall Foil performance. The difference Dimples make can be felt from beginners to professionals. More Speed More Drive = More fun.



UV protected original artwork, using our unique art application process. 

ZGLASS is a secret recipe of fiberglass and a marine-grade polymer.

The high fiberglass content creates a light but super strong fin. 

Affordable technology with premium construction, ZGLASS creates a stiff flex pattern with unparalleled snap-back memory. 

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