3DFINS GoHard/Soft Blue Thruster Set

3DFINS GoHard/Soft Blue Thruster Set


Brand™ - 3DFINS...

Base - 4.37" - 110mm...

Height - 4.55" - 115mm...

Foil - Flat inside foil...

Box - FCS2/Catch Surf

Boards - High-Performance shortboards, Funboards, Soft boards, Surf school boards, any boards...

Waves - Small to medium...

Thruster box set Blue...


Description - Awarded the Australian Good Design Award 2020, GOHARD/SOFT 3DFINS series is the world’s only high-performance fin with safety in mind. 

40% of all surfboard related injuries are caused by surf fins and 3DFINS has pioneered to design a durable, safe fin that meets the needs of all levels of surfers from beginners to advanced.



Stiff inner core that creates high-performance flex 

Soft outer skin that reduces the chances of cuts and injuries 

Precision engineered foils that allows high performance at a professional level 

Coated with world-renowned patented 3DFIN Dimple Technology that reduces drag, improves foil performance, and enables extra bursts of speed down the line 

Features luminescent neon colours which are easily visible 

UV protected


Thruster Set

This legendary all-rounder template that has been proven in all sizes of surf, from your average beach breaks pumping pipeline and maxing Teahupoo.

Not too upright and not too much rake, perfect tight radius turns and drawn out carves.

Dimples give the fins extra hold and release with Bursts of speed down the line.