Bucky Lasek Ramps and Rails

Bucky Lasek Ramps and Rails


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An exciting new twist on a classic childhood favorite game like you've never seen.

Not suitable for kids 0-3



Description - Snakes and Ladders style game for skateboarders.

Race to the top with your favorite Skateboard Madness characters.

Choose to be one of 7 popular characters including Bucky Lasek to move along the gameboard by rolling the dice.  Ramps will launch you forward but watch out for the rails that will slide you back!  Be the first to the finish line and you're the winner!!


Note to mums and dads - Ramps and rails is a fun game for kids with a strong mathematical connection by understanding adding, subtraction, counting and helps build a foundation for basic math skills.


How children count is directly linked to numeracy, the ability to reason and to apply simple numerical concepts, as determined by researchers at Boston College and Carnegie Mellon.