Dolce Toys Play & Learn Whale

Dolce Toys Play & Learn Whale


Brand™ Dolce Toys

Eco Friendly


Length - 43cm

Width - 17cm

Height - 30cm

From 0+

Designed In France


This large whale has a Blowhole and a zipper mouth that can be opened to retrieve the little toy fish, baby octopus, or clam. The cute whale also has crinkle fins and squeakers. The baby octopus is a mirror, the clam has a squeaker and the fishtail is a teether. Presented on a Dolce branded hanging hook. 


The attractions of this toy for your children.

Children will delight in creating sounds through using the squeaker. 

Opening and closing the mouth to reveal small toys will have children very interested.

The variation of color makes them highly engaging for inquisitive babies. 

A high quality, safe design means babies can use different parts of the toy as teethers. 

The different textures, crinkle fins, mini friends, and squeaky tail are extremely satisfying for children to play with. 


3D design helps toddlers to discriminate different patterns by tactile play  

Helps to connect motor skills with auditory learning by squeaking and rattling. 

The smaller toys that can be posted into the blowhole and removed by opening and closing the zipper on the mouth develop hand-eye coordination.  

Visual learning is provoked through color perception