DSCO Bearings Abec 7 Green/Blue

DSCO Bearings Abec 7 Green/Blue


Brand™ - Disco 

Abec - 7

Cages - High caliber nylon ball.

Shields - Frictionless removable rubber.

Colour - Green or blue

Set – 8 bearings

Speedy, enduring, easy clean.


Description - Disco (DSCO) bearings and hardware is an Aussie company dedicated to providing the skateboard community with quality products. Pleased to stock their products.


General Info – The universal measurements for skateboard bearings are 

Core - 8mm 

Outer diameter - 22mm 

Width – 7mm 

About – Most skateboard bearings are made of steel and will have 6-7 ball bearings. 

The quality of bearings vary from brand to brand, as a general view the more expensive the better quality.  As your progress with skateboarding try out a variety of bearings and you will notice a difference in speed, quality of the ride.  Why is this, well expensive bearings tend to have better sealing, more ball bearings, and a better-quality metal.


Ceramic. If you are looking for a smoother ride use ceramic bearings, they are way more expensive but produce little friction and don’t expand in the heat. Higher quality materials and don’t require as much maintenance. They contain a higher number of bearings too, it's up to your

preferences and budget of course.