DSCO Hybrid Bolts 1" Black

DSCO Hybrid Bolts 1" Black


Brand™ - DSCO

Set - 8 Nuts and Bolts...

Size - 1" ...

Design - Allen and Phillips heads

Colour - Black...


Description - Great easy to use 1" skateboard nuts and bolts with Allen and Phillips heads.

Colour black.


DSCO Bearings is an Australian company dedicated to delivering top-notch products to skateboarders who possess a colourful outlook on life. 

Skate in colour. 



Also, need risers?

Installing riser pads will give extra clearance between the wheels and the skateboard. They are totally wheel-bite repellents as they will keep you safe when leaning into turns. If you're using loose trucks then a wheel can easily snag against your skateboard deck sending you to the ground. The height of your trucks will make a difference so check them out before you build up speed.  

Use the correct bolt size.


General rule only.

Riser - 1/16”  Bolt - 1" 

Riser - 1/8”   Bolt - 1" - 1/8” 

Riser - ¼"     Bolt – 1" - 1/4” 

Riser - 3/8”  Bolt – 1" - 1½"