Elation Zenith HI Bottoms

Elation Zenith HI Bottoms


Brand™ - Elation Surfwear...  

Style - HI Waisted...

Design - Zenith... 

Size - 8, 10, 12...

Material - Nylon yarns*... 

Washing - Hand Wash...


No waste, no new resources, just endless possibilities...

It comes in a sealed recycled pouch...

Soft, elegant, flexible... 


Chlorine and sunscreen resistant... 

UV protection... 

Pilling resistant... 


Australian owned.


Description -  The HI waist bottoms are a popular pick for surfing girls. The high waisted fit provides comfort and protection when you're paddling out and sitting on your surfboard.

They are also seamless and provides a good amount of coverage so you’re comfortable to walk along the beach and enjoy the sun.



About - Our soft, durable, luxurious swimwear is designed for confidence. All our prints are inspired by the beautiful recurring patterns of nature and reflect the ocean we want to save from harm.  


Eco-consciously made with fabrics produced by two of the world's leading innovative companies *ECONYL® and *REPREVE, who are turning pre- and post-consumer waste from our oceans and landfills, into regenerated yarns.

Their aim is to create a healthier future using the circular solution and no need for new resources. 


At Elation, we pride ourselves not just for the manufacturing and production process, but the finer detailing of our brand by using environmentally friendlier options in every way possible.

These include compostable mailing satchels, compostable hygiene stickers, digital printing using eco-certified dyes, heat pressing, and reusable storage pouches.


We aim to generate awareness through the Elation community to provide a more sustainable option within the fashion and surf industry. 



For me, Elation means more than just producing unique swimwear. It is an exciting adventure that requires confidence and motivation.

Growing up on the East Coast of Australia, I soon found my home in the sea.

There isn’t a day that goes by where my main priority is to get into the ocean, as it is a vital element to my happiness and wellbeing.


When I’m in the water I feel completely free, secure and an overwhelming calmness washes over me.

I have immense gratitude towards what the ocean has given me in this respect and I cannot resist staying away. The ocean is where creativity is flared and inspiration runs free.

I have always been interested in fashion. Growing up I would dream of having my own label but never truly believed it would manifest into reality.

Since leaving school I have worked full-time as an assistant surf shop manager, traveled, and pursued university studies.


It was the year I started to study an environmental science degree where I decided to change my focus and start my own environmentally conscious fashion brand.


I decided to put my love for surfing, the ocean, and fashion into somewhere where I could express my knowledge on protecting our Earth. And then Elation was created… for the women who feel at home in the sea!


Kellie X



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