Mode Postcard Magenta Stain 7.4"

Mode Postcard Magenta Stain 7.4"


Brand™ Mode Skateboards...

Type - Freestyle...

Design - Double Kick

Size - 7.4" x 29.4" 
Nose - 5.75" 
Tail - 5.75" 
Wheel Base -13.75" 

Hand screen printed, 5 colors 
Stained top veneer 


Description - Modern and symmetrical double-kick freestyle shape featuring a new milder concave, with graphics designed by Jenna Synnott. 

Made in the USA. 


MODE Skateboards embraces the diversity of skateboarding with decks and products designed for all types of skating. 

Our boards are made in the U.S.A and screen-printed by our own hands. With our own in-house screen printing operation, MODE keeps its graphics fresh, unique and always changing.


We offer unique base coatings, one-of-a-kind color combinations and limited-edition print runs. That spontaneity keeps things interesting, so check back often to see what we've come up with. 

The board works best with trucks such as the Tracker 106mm FulTracks or Indy 109s, or comparable trucks. 

Made in the USA. 


The emphasis in freestyle is technical flat ground skateboarding. Often a freestyler will need little more than a board and a smooth, flat surface. Music and choreography have always been an essential part of the professional freestyle routine. 


A bit about the owner of Mode Skateboards, Terry Synnott.

Terry runs MODE Skateboards with his wife, Jenna. She handles most of the graphic design while he does all the screen printing of the decks. Terry performed as a skateboarder for four seasons in a Cirque du Soleil show at the theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The show premiered in late 2007 and ended its run in early 2011. 


It was a good experience. I skated for four seasons in a seasonal show called “Wintuk” at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Casey Rigney and I were the first skateboarders they ever used. The first year, we were there for what they call the creation of the show. We spent a few months in Montreal, participating in the development of the show and then training for the show. 


I came into Cirque from working a desk job. I was a copy editor at a newspaper. So joining Cirque was interesting to see how all these different people made their livings. There were a lot of gymnasts and power track people, dancers, rope skippers, contortionists, etc. 


Some of his achievements. 

9th place, 1989 NSA Eastern Regionals, Ocean City, MD (my first time skating in the sponsored division) 
2nd place, 1990 NSA Eastern Regionals, Atlanta, GA 
4th place, 1991 NSA Nationals, Atlanta, GA 
1st place, 2001 WFSA freestyle world championships, New York. 
1st place, 2001 Barrio Games U.S. freestyle championships, Los Angeles, California. 
2nd place, 2003 Casper Classic U.S. freestyle championships, Long Beach, California. 
3rd place, 2004 Casper Classic II U.S. freestyle championships, Pasadena, California. 


Skate for your own enjoyment and it will never let you down. Skateboarding has provided me with endless hours of challenges and fun for 27 years, and I can’t imagine ever stopping.

Maybe also to cast a wide net in terms of watching other skaters to find things that inspire you. As you begin, take the elements that you like and find ways to make them your own.