Origami Skateboard Stand

Origami Skateboard Stand

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Brand - SkaterTrainer USA...

Colour - Black...


Parents love the Origami Skateboard stand, it gives the kids a place to store their skateboards.

Kids love the Origami Skateboard Stand and Display because it holds the skateboard vertically or horizontally, so they can show off their passion for skateboarding (when they are not riding it). 


The Origami Skateboard Stand and Display is the latest invention from SkaterTrainer.

A creative and minimalist design that is Engineered and manufactured in the USA.

We really put a lot of thought into this skateboard floor rack to help make it sleek, minimalist, efficient, and durable.

It is a simple one-piece design that is elegant and stylish. 

It folds up when not in use for compact storage and transport, and is easily assembled in seconds. It's like a dock for your Skateboard. 

This skateboard floor rack is designed for our core customers, which usually ride standard trick skateboards.

The Origami Skateboard Stand & Display will store popsicle shapes, as well as shaped boards, and old school shapes in both the horizontal and vertical positions.

It will work with smaller longboards, smaller electric skateboards, and hold almost any board in the horizontal position.

This skateboard floor rack is not designed to store penny boards or longboards in a vertical upright position.  

Patents pending. 

  • No more tripping over skateboards. 

  • Holds trick skateboards in place vertically or horizontally  

  • Keeps harsh grip tape and dirty wheels away from walls  

  • Portable and easy to move - no mounting or drilling! 

  • Made out of durable and rigid plastic 

  • Easy assembly and disassembly for flat storage 

  • Skateboard display rack works on nearly all flat surfaces