Picture Wheel Co Durrant 54mm

Picture Wheel Co Durrant 54mm


Brand™  - Picture Wheel Co...

Design - Marty Durrant...

Art Series - M.Baptist...

Size - 54mm... 

Duro - 101a...

Edge - Conical Shape...

Offset - Centre...

Contact -  17mm...

Width - 33mm...

Colour - White/Art Work...

Set - Four wheels

Made in the USA from recycled urethane.

Recycled Packaging.


Description - Picture Wheels PPU - No flatspots mate!  Design on the outer wall is by renowned Australian artist Marty Baptist to highlight the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans.


General Info:


Wheels 53 - 56mm

The 53-56mm wheels are the more common wheel size for beginners or bigger riders skating street, skate parks, bowls, and vert ramps. Wheels 56mm and above are more common for skate filmers.  They are slower though and heavier but better covering ground on the open street and for transition skateboarding.  If you are using larger wheels than 56mm remember to use risers to stop wheel bite.


Larger Wheels 58 - 60mm

These are the standard Vert and Big Bowl goto wheels, ideally for deep and gnarly parks.  With this size of wheel best to fit set risers to stave off the dreaded wheel bite.


Contact Patch.

If you are looking for plenty of grip go for a wide contact patch, the smaller the contact with the ground the less grip you have.  So if you are doing slides on a ledge then a smaller contact patch would be an advantage, that's why best to have a variety of wheels with you and a skateboard tool as well.  If you're in the bowl then a larger contact patch is better as your board won't slide out too easy.


Profiles. (corners, edge)

A rounder edge on a wheel will help you roll over copings better as it slides more easily.

A sharper edge or straighter edge gives a wheel more grip and better for locking in grinds, won't slip as easily.


Picture Wheel Co.

Is represented by some of the best Australian and International skaters on the scene today.


International team 

Cale Nuske, Dennis Durrant, Tommy Fynn, and Chewy Cannon.


Australia's Finest 

Scott Standley, George Simmonds, Joel McIlroy, Jack Crook, Alex Lawton, Quayde Baker and Tom Snape. 


Marty Baptist has exhibited throughout Australia and Internationally since 2001. He has collaborated with a diverse array of creative partners and labels including Paramount House (Sydney), Cliché (France), Krooked Skateboards (USA), Huffer (New Zealand), Adidas, Rittenhouse (Australia), and Oakley amongst many.


Baptist has often exhibited alongside contemporaries such as Mark Gonzales, Shaun Gladwell, Lee Ralph & Dan Boyd. Baptist's work is held in numerous private and institutional collections.


Marty Baptist is the founder and Creative Director of Japan National, since 2017.  
In 2020 he launched the Japan National Concept Store Gallery in Byron Bay, Australia.