Prism - Revel Mulga 36"

Prism - Revel Mulga 36"

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Brand™ - Prism

Design -  Revel 36

Width -  9.25"  

Length - 36" 

Wheels - 69mm x 78a  

Trucks - Caliber 11 - 10" , 50 Degrees

Bearings - Blood Orange 

Colour - Grey/blue, red wheels   

Griptape - Spray clear 

Top layer - Bamboo

Art Work by Mulga


Colours Vary, the One In Stock More Grey Super Cool.

Please ask for details on delivery times*


Description - The new trace series from Prism. A drop through cruising, carving complete with an awesome owl graphic design from Mulga. Impressive Calibre 10” trucks and 69mm wheels let you easily carve the hills or cruise to check out the surf. A clear grip tape lets you see the bamboo top layer and logo image. The set-up is super smooth, easy for the beginner to start carving, great to have in the camper van.

If you're into slide outs, then this drop through model is a must.