Risen Wheels 63mm Set 4

Risen Wheels 63mm Set 4


Brand™ - Risen 

Design - Cruising...

Size - 63mm...

Width - 40mm... 

Duro - 82a...

Contact - 33mm...

Centre - Offset...

Colours available - Green/Blue/Red...

Set - Four wheels


If you're using them on your day today skateboard, add a set of risers to stop wheel bites. 


Description - Entry-level cruising wheel, attach them to your park deck for a cruisy feel. 

We like the clear see-through look, well priced to keep you rolling.

Available in green, blue, or red.


Risen is a skateboard company for the underground skater! 


Team Members: 
Mark Hutchison 
Ryan Leach 
Simon Cejas 
Raymond Bartlett 
Devan Grothe


Founding date  March 1, 2009