Seagull Milk Mineral Sunscreen 100g

Seagull Milk Mineral Sunscreen 100g


Brand™- Seagull Milk...  

Type - Natural Sunscreen...

SPF - 50+...

Size - 100g  3.4 Fl oz...

Colour - White/Grey... 


Made in Australia...


Are Your Products Professionally Tested And Certified? 

You bet! Seagull Milk is a sunscreen (classified as a therapeutic product), so by the Australian Law it must be tested before being sold, ensuring it is safe to use and meets the high regulation of the TGA (therapeutic goods association). 


Description - This premium lightly scented sunscreen has a vanilla fragrance. The sunscreen is formulated so that it rubs straight in similar to a moisturizer. It's great that it won’t leave your skin slippery this will make surfing easier and best of all won't sting your eyes which is a big plus when paddling out. Great for the kids too.


 Seagull Milk is made from premium Australian mineral-based active ingredients, this sunscreen formulation is completely reef safe, vegan-friendly and free from chemical UV filters. Best of all it keeps your skin protected at the skatepark or at the beach in the most natural way. A little goes a long way making this product value for money.


Shelf Life.

Seagull Milk has a shelf life of up to 2 years, so you can use it for a long time without it being affected and 'going off'. As stated on the tube, Seagull Milk should be stored under 30ºc (degrees Celcius) and out of direct sunlight to protect the tube shape and formulation inside. The tube, however, is made from a 5 layered design meaning that the formulation has maximum protection from external variants such as direct heat.   


Tips on how to use,

1. Don't Rub Seagull Milk Sunscreen In Your Hands 

 TIP 1 - Simply squeeze some sunscreen onto your fingers and then rub directly onto the limb or face you want protected.  


2. A Little Bit Spreads A Long Way 

TIP 2 - When you see a very slight white coverage on your skin then you have applied just the right amount for optimum protection.  


3. Make Sure You Apply Sunscreen 20 Minutes Before Going Into Water Or Into Direct Sunlight 

TIP 3 - If you apply any sunscreen and go straight into the water or sun without waiting 20 minutes then you need to be aware that you are NOT yet protected from sunburn.  

Please see the cancer council and TGA websites for more about this. 


4. Keep Seagull Milk Sunscreen In temperatures under 30 degrees.  

TIP 4 - For optimum results store in a cool dry place. 


5. Shake the Tube from Time to Time  

TIP 5 - If this happens, shake the tube for 10 - 15 seconds so the consistency is right again.   


[BONUS] 6. Make Sure You Make The Most Of Your Tube 

Remember that our sunscreen is very different from others out there and if friends or family try yours and love it you may have to supervise your tube a bit more than often. They may end up using yours instead of their own so best to write your name on your tube! Trust us... we've heard countless stories of this happening with our customers where family members beg them to use their tube of Seagull Milk sunscreen!