Shorty's Riser Pads 3/8"

Shorty's Riser Pads 3/8"


Brand™ Shorty's...

Type - Riser pad 3/8"...

Style - Hard with a soft-top/foam...

Pads - 2 in pack...


Shock Pad's were invented by Shorty's in 1992.  1/8" thick foam, not rubber, shock pads that kill the vibration between your board and truck.  Keeps hardware tight!  You will receive 2 shock pads, 1 for each truck. 


General info - Installing riser pads will give extra clearance between the wheels and the skateboard. They are totally wheel-bite repellents as they will keep you safe when leaning into turns. If you're using loose trucks then a wheel can easily snag against your skateboard deck sending you to the ground. The height of your trucks will make a difference so check them out before you build up speed.  

Use the correct bolt size. 

General rule. 

Riser - 1/16”  Bolt - 1" 

Riser - 1/8”   Bolt - 1" - 1/8” 

Riser - ¼"     Bolt – 1" - 1/4” 

Riser - 3/8”  Bolt – 1" - ½"