Juan Derama Trucker Cap Sunshine

Juan Derama Trucker Cap Sunshine


Artist - Juan Derama...

Style - 5-panel Mesh Trucker Cap... 

Design - Snap Back...

Material - 80% Polyester 20% Cotton...

Colour -  Yellow/White front panel...

Gentle care when cleaning.


Description - One of a kind, awesome hand-painted designs using waterproof Poska pens.

Perfect wave, flower, and a smiling sun.  These have become very collectable now hence the price.


The Artist.

Juan DeRama is a pseudonym, real name Juan Manuel Ramirez, artist from Costa Rica. 
Having dedicated his life for several years to painting with the greatest joy, heart, and smile. 
His art is found in the sea and the surf. It was the greatest meaning of his life, his best inspiration. 
Using techniques such as oil, printing, pastels, water-based paints, acrylics, and many more. 
Equally, Juan Manuel Ramirez personalizes his line on objects such as skateboards, surfboards, phones, and even computers. 
His art is inspired by the beauty, the sensations, and the simplicity of life… In the waves and the surf.