Tech Deck Halfpipe

Tech Deck Halfpipe

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Brand™ Tech Deck

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Measuring over 50cm long, this half-pipe really is the ultimate ramp to hone your fingerboard moves! 

With authentic detailing that replicates a real half-pipe, you can grab your board, drop-in, and pull off big airs, smith grinds, nose stalls, and more! 


Easy to assemble, just connect and snap the two half-pipe pieces together, then use the included sticker sheet to customize your half-pipe.


With graffiti-style stickers, you can give your half-pipe a real skate-park vibe. - Tech Deck: Ultimate Half-Pipe - Board & Playset 


20” Half-Pipe Ramp Set: Channel your inner pro finger boarder with the Tech Deck Ultimate Half-Pipe Ramp Set! With a half-pipe spanning over 20” long, you have enough room to bust big airs, blunt to fakies, 50-50 grinds, and more! 


Customize with Stickers: This ramp set comes with a sheet of authentic graffiti-style stickers! Customize your half-pipe and create a real skate-park vibe for your epic sessions! 


Exclusive Pro Model Fingerboard: Add a signature Paul Rodriguez pro model fingerboard from Primitive Skateboards to your collection! Use the board included in your set to dial in your moves!


The Tech Deck Ultimate Half-Pipe Ramp Set is a great gift for kids aged 6+. Combine with the Starter Kit and Build-a-Park sets and build out your own skate park for epic sessions with friends! 


Includes: Ultimate Half-Pipe Ramp, Signature Primitive Paul Rodriguez Pro Model Fingerboard, Sticker Sheet, Instructions