Tech Deck South Bank

Tech Deck South Bank


Brand™ - Tech Deck... 

Design - World Tour - South Bank...

Style - Set stairs with graffiti... 

Fingerboard - Flip, Tam Penny... 

Tech Deck World Edition...

Limited Series.


Description - Part of the build a park series based on real locations, so much fun learning tricks just by using your fingers to control the mini skateboard.


Grab some air with Tech Deck, the real deal fingerboards featuring authentic graphics from real skate companies! The Build-A-Park World Tour ramp set includes everything you need to build an awesome custom park for you to perfect your fingerboarding skills, inspired by real-world skate spots! Take a cruise at London’s famous South Bank plaza, Philadelphia’s Paine’s Park, or Japan’s P.F.K Skate Support Centre (each sold separately).


Skate the spot with the included signature fingerboard and add more Build-A-Park World Tour Street Spots ramp sets (each sold separately) to create your ultimate skate park. Gap some stairs, carve some transition, or slide the ledges and customize the spots in any way you like. Use the Build-A-Park with your Tech Deck fingerboard collection or Tech Deck BMX (each sold separately). If you want real skate graphics from real skate companies, then it’s got to be Tech Deck — start small, go big and collect them all! 



REAL-WORLD SKATE SPOTS: Inspired by real-world skate spots including London’s South Bank, Philadelphia's Paine’s Park, and Japan’s P.F.K Skate Support Centre  

CUSTOMISABLE PARK: Build your park your way with the Tech Deck Build-A-Park World Tour ramp sets (each sold separately). 


SIGNATURE BOARD: Skate the spot with the included signature fingerboard from real skate brands. 

Use the Build-A-Park with your Tech Deck fingerboard collections. 

For skate-lovers ages 6+. 

includes: 1 Tech Deck Fingerboard, Assorted Ramps, 1 Instruction Sheet